This page shows pictures of all our varieties along with their availability starting with Standards and ending with mini's.  Remember that none of our flowers are cut until you order as we don't have a cooler.  We also pack standards and minis together and NEVER charge extra for specialty packing.  All are proven for their keeping quality, which has maintained Rudvalis Orchids as a leader in the industry for the past 40 years.  We look forward to filling your Cymbidium needs!

This page last updated April 25, 2016


At this time, we have all shades of green but they are VERY limited.  Please call for green orders.





Baltic Crystal "Excellence"                                    Unavailable                                  

Baltic Swan "October Gem"                    Unavailable                         

Baltic Crystal "Judy"                                                 Unavailable                                           

Baltic Swan "Judy"                     Unavailable                                         


Baltic Joy "Noel"                                                                                                 Unavailable                 

Baltic Joy "Melody"                                  Unavailable                  


Baltic Sundew "White"                       Unavailable                    

"Snowflake"                                                                                                                                   Unavailable          

"Saundra"                                    Unavailable                                

Arcadian Lady "Ausra"                Limited                   

"Virginia Williams"                      Available         

"Jane"                                              Limited               

"June Giant"                                    Limited                      


Bicentennial "Anna"                            Unavailable     

"Payroll"                                           Unavailable        

"Nikkietta"                                         Available          

"Mazatlan"                                           Unavailable    

"Hilde"                                              Unavailable           

"St. Rita"                                                                                                                          Available                    

Jung Frau "Dos Pueblos"                   Unavailable     

"Evening Star"                                           unavailable   

Baltic Sundew "Blush"                                                              Unavailable              

Baltic Angel                                                                              Unavailable                    

Baltic Elegance "Marion"                                                      Limited                    

Baltic Elegance "Eleanor"                                      Limited             

Baltic Elegance "Carmen"                                             Limited                     

"Rosie"                                                                                                                                       Unavailable                   

"Aida"                                                                                                                                                  Limited              

Baltic Contessa "Barbara"                                        Unavailable                       

Baltic Wind "Duchess"                                                               Unavailable      

Valley Flower "Cherry Ripe"                                       Unavailable     

"Melita"                                                                                                                                          Available                

"Rievaulx"                                                                                                                                   Available           

Pinkie                                                                                                               Unavailable                      

 shades vary.

Natalie                                                                                                              Unavailable                  

Gwen Sternbeck                                      Unavailable                       

Tracey Reddaway                           Limited                        

Baltic Harvest "Katie"                      Unavailable    

"Catherine"                                          Limited           

Baltic Gem "Barbara"                      Unavailable              

Baltic Harvest "Grace"                          Unavailable         

Baltic Gold "Z"                                   Unavailable         

Baltic Gold "Louise"                            Unavailable       

Baltic Gold "Natalie"                          Unavailable         

California "Sun Acres"                      Unavailable          

"Kavita"                                                     Unavailable         

P.B. "Nancye"                                       Limited             

"Pink Powder"                                        Unavailable     

Tapestry                                                         Limited         

Tapestry "21"                                          Limited               


   "Fred"                                                                                                    Unavailable            

B.R."Thunder"                                        A   vailable              

Lalantes                                                                                                                        Unavailable                  

Ann Dominic "St. Shirley"                    Unavailable          

Levis Duke                                              Unavailable             

"Culpaulin"                                                  Unavailable        

"Butterball"                                               Limited              

Ice Green "alba"                                      Unavailable          

Madrid "Forest King"                          Limited              

Palanga "Julio"                                                                                             Unavailable                        

Persian Bronze                                                                                                            Available                

Tangerine                                                                                                                    Available               




We have an excellent supply of white and blush minis.  We have a limited supply of pink, dark pink, green and art shade.

LaCosta 'Moonstone                 Unavailable   


LaCosta 'Jane'            Unavailable              


Elf 'Jenny'                Unavailable          

Elf 'Kim'                  Unavailable           

Elf 'Louise'                    Unavailable   

'Heather'                   Limited          
'Jill'                           Unavailable             

'Pinkie'                         Unavailable    




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