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Hi,   I am Barbara Rudvalis, owner-operator of Rudvalis Orchids, Inc., located in Carlsbad, California, less than 30 miles north of the San Diego airport. This page is about us, so I will fill you in and thank you for visiting.

We've been a major supplier of top quality commercial cut flower Cymbidium flowers for over 40 years and potted flowering Cymbidium since the early nineties.  My late husband, Joe, began the business in the early sixties when he began selecting and hybridizing his own varieties. Joe noticed a lack of early blooming varieties and focused mainly in this area, creating the most stable, high quality and productive standard cut flower Cymbidiums on the market today. In the late seventies I began helping Joe breed mini's and intermediate Cymbidium. Since Joe's passing, I've continued with all aspects of the business.

We offer and ship standard, intermediate and miniature sprays (on the stem) plus, six packs of top quality single cut flowers for corsage and exclusive arrangements.

 We also have available exclusive blooming standard and intermediate Cymbidium plants, produced specifically for the ever expanding flowering orchid plant market. These plants are not our culls or rejects!

Flowers and plants are available between October and June.

We are a wholesale only supplier of Cymbidiums. 

If you are interested in obtaining our product for distribution in your area, please contact us at rudvalisorchids@gmail.com or call to 760-438-2121.

If you are a florist or consumer, remember to request, RUDVALIS Cymbidium flowers from your wholesale supplier. Thanks again for visiting with us and enjoy the website.